Motor Repair Chatham-Kent

We provide quality motor repair services from our motor-shop located in Chatham-Kent, Ontario. We offer expert service in all makes and models of motor, and offer a wide array of motor repair and maintenance services. As an insured and Chatham-Kent owned and operated motor repair shop, you can feel confident in our skills and responsibility to keep your business and it`s assets up and running.

We are able to provide motor repair services for medium and low voltage AC or DC motors including blowers, brakes, clutches, eddy current drives, gear boxes and much more.

Motor Repair Made Simple

When a motor is taken into our repair shop in Chatham-Kent, we will initially test the motor for issues and faults. We will then tear the motor down, so that we can see the big picture. Once we have reviewed the motor in detail, we will be able determine what is required to complete the repair and provide you with a quote. Occasionally, we find that it is more economical to replace the motor with a brand new unit, our Chatham-Kent motor repair team will provide you with as much insight as possible before any repairs are completed at our shop.

Keeping Your Motors Running

Our electric motor repair team always aims to minimize downtime, all of electric motor rewinds are rotor balanced to ensure quality and avoid future balancing issues. All of our motor repairs are completed using quality parts. If a rewind is required and you agree to the repair, you can rest assured that we’ll be using only best copper wire, insulation paper and varnish to bring your motor back to like-new condition.

Looking for a Chatham-Kent Motor Repair Shop?

We can do it all, no matter your need. Our knowledgeable motor repair team are here to answer any questions that you might have. We are accessible 24/7 and are always keen to answer any questions that you might have.

If you are looking for a motor repair team in Chatham-Kent – we are ready to serve you.

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